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About Me

As a double board certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Specialist practicing at the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona in Tucson, I created MDpaindoctor to pursue methods to further spread the word on providing exceptional pain management and educating patients on preventive measures to improve their quality of life.

I practice at the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona where I focus on interventional procedures to allow my patients to return to functional lifestyle with a dedication to quality of life. My practice philosophy is that of functional improvement without reliance on pain medication with personalized treatment plans based on my patients' individual disease processes.

Some procedural foci include kyphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures, spinal cord stimulation for unrelenting back/neck/extremity pain, peripheral nerve stimulation for focal specific nerve pain, radiofrequency ablation for spinal arthritis pain, and epidural steroid injections for radiating extremity pain.

My Services

I am an expert in a wide range of pain management services, including interventional procedures, personalized treatment plans, and medication management (without reliance on opioids).

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Interventional Procedures
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Pain Management Education

Through my coursework and study throughout the years of my training, I have been dedicated to sharing knowledge to the masses to ensure pain doesn't control lives.

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